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RE: [p2-dev] Strange issues with update site = pulling my hair out

We're using 3.5.1.


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Which version of Eclipse are you using?

Le 10 mars 2010 à 16:45, Chris Gross a écrit :

> I?m hoping someone here can help me with some really weird behavior I?m
seeing with p2.  I?m having multiple problems with what I believe is a very
straight forward scenario.
> I have 3 plugins, one feature, and one update site.  Installing the
feature/plugins through the update site was easy and successful.  My
problems are coming now that I try to release a new version and update those
> First problem:
> I?ve got my updated plugins (new code, bug fixes, etc).  I incremented the
version number on those plugins (from 1.0.0 ->  I updated the
feature version number similarly.  Rebuilt the update site.  Redeploy update
site.  The Eclipse installation notices I have a new version, downloads the
new plugin (or seems to), but then when I use the plugin ? the code seems to
be the original code from the 1.0.0 version?!?  And if I look in the Product
Details dialog I notice the plugin version is still 1.0.0..??
> Second problem:
> In experimenting to fix this problem, I created a whole new Eclipse
installation, installed the version from the start.  Works fine.
Now I tried to uninstall and installed 1.0.0 back in.  Now I?m
having a similar problem as above.  This time the code still seems to be at version even though I uninstalled that and installed 1.0.0.
Checking the Product Details dialog shows version 1.0.0 installed.  I even
checked the /plugins directory and it shows a 1.0.0 plugin as well.  Yet the
actual code that?s getting executed is definitely!
> I?ve tried deleting some of the cache files in the p2 directory.  That
didn?t seem to change anything. 
> Please help.
> -Chris
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