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[p2-dev] How to patch feature multiple times?

I am trying to determine how a particular plugin installed via a feature can be updated multiple times.
I looked at two scenarios. Both scenarios start out in the same way:
1. A single 'hello' plugin is installed via feature hellofeature.
2. A feature patch patches hellofeature of step 1 to upgrade 'hello' to a later version.

This was done across different eclipse versions (3.4.2, 3.5.1 and 3.6  I20100115-1100 and I20100225-1936).
I tried various combinations using drop-in installs versus UI install (Help/update|install) .
In all cases the upgrade of hello worked as I expected, so that the hello feature was updated.

Next I looked at how to apply another feature patch to the outcome just described. This feature patch targets the original feature.
The main scenario I looked at are:
Scenario A: Have another feature patch for hellofeature which upgrades plugin hello to a later version (no other change).
Scenario B: Have another feature patch for hellofeature which upgrades plugin hello to a later version and introduces a new plugin.

I saw a wide variety of outcomes and difference between the mentioned versions of Eclipse. See bugzilla's:

I am looking for guidance on how to patch a single feature multiple times.

The kind of questions that come to mind are:
- How to update a feature multiple times?
- Can multiple feature patches target the same feature be installed at the same time?
- Are two feature patches with the same feature id considered updates of each other?
- How to add a new bundle with a feature patch so that it works across Eclipse version 3.4.2, 3.5.1 and 3.6
- Are feature patches always applied as a whole (or not at all)

Thank you for your patience,