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[p2-dev] Asking for advice from p2-experts


I'm running into strange problems with p2 in my Eclipse-Project named
UFaceKit. Thanks to Chris A. I have a working athena build but when I
try to create a target platform from it p2 tells me that it can't
resolve versions of dependencies who I'm sure are available.

Whereas when creating a target platform by hand (extracting the plugins
and creating a target platform) everything works as expeceted.

Naturally in my workspace all is working well too and I have no version
conflicts at all.

To reproduce the problem you need to do the following:
* Download the nightly build from here [1]
* Add it to your list of updatesites
* Create a new target platform using the Base-RCP-Template (you need at
  least 3.5.1)
* Try to install and you'll see the conflict

Though I guess you guys would have know how to do this without the

I guess I will need only someone who can point me in the right direction
what's wrong with my plugins/build/version definitions (probably not p2
is the culprit but how the build who creates incorrect metadata).

Thanks for any pointers



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