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RE: [p2-dev] using p2 to install MSI files

Title: RE: [p2-dev] using p2 to install MSI files

For Wascana, which has a custom package extractor (for tar.bz2 files), I simply create an touchpoint action that hooks up to the native touchpoint. That's even easier. You can check it out of CVS from /cvsroot/tools, org.eclipse.cdt/p2. I have a generator, and the p2 plugin that does the install.

The tricky thing, especially for Vista/7, will be making sure you are running the Windows installer as administrator.


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You need to write a touchpoint and add touchpoint instructions. Look 
at the native touchpoint and an instruction like "chmod" for 
inspiration (the chmod touchpoint instruction runs an external 
command). (It is perhaps possible to just add instructions to the 
native touchpoint btw).

Should not be too hard to implement if all you want is "fire and 
forget" but gets a bit tricky if you want p2 to be able to perform 
rollback on failure. Replacing "files in use" is also notoriously hard 
on windows, requiring restart(s) to actually make changes take effect. 
Running MSI as part of the p2 install can thus mean that a reboot is 
performed in the middle of the process. So, you need to figure out a 
way to safely complete p2 install and get all your MSIs to run (if you 
have more than one you may need several reboots).

- henrik

2 feb 2010 kl. 09.31 skrev "Arnaud LUCIEN" <Arnaud.LUCIEN@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hello,
> I am working in a team that develops a product which is an IDE for C/
> C++ development on Electronic Payment Terminal. We are developing 
> plug-ins to work with Eclipse 3.5, CDT 6.0 and Mylin. We use pde 
> build to generate this product and I want to distribute it to my 
> user community using p2.
>  Globally it's worked but I want to use p2 to install not only my pr
> oduct but also additional setup files which are MSI windows File. Re
> ading the p2 documentation it seems to be possible to perform MSI fi
> le installation using p2 but I don't know how? Do I need to use a na
> tive p2 touchpoint (but which) or do I need to create my own touchpo
> int. To sum up: I am looking for any information telling how install
> ing non eclipse feature (setup file, MSI Files, reguister keys, rmi 
> files.) using p2.
> If this email is not sent at the right place, please do not hesitate 
> to tell me to whom I must send it.
> Best regards
> Arnaud LUCIEN
> About Ingenico: Ingenico is a leading provider of payment solutions, 
> with over 15 million terminals deployed in more than 125 countries. 
> Its 2,850 employees worldwide support retailers, banks and service 
> providers to optimize and secure their electronic payments 
> solutions, develop their offer of services and increase their point 
> of sales revenue. More information on www.ingenico.com.
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