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How to pass a list of IUs to org.eclipse.equinox.p2.artifact.repository.mirrorApplication? (was Re: [p2-dev] p2 metadata generator does not generate artifact entries for packed jars if unpacked jar not present too)

Is there a -iu flag equivalent to <p2.mirror><iu></p2.mirror>? If I want to explicitly set a list of IUs, how can I do so dynamically? I would prefer to not have to iterate through a list of features pulled from the contents of the zip (which I can do easily), then have to GENERATE ant code and run that as a separate downstream task.

Simpler would be to be able to pass a list of IUs to org.eclipse.equinox.p2.artifact.repository.mirrorApplication, like this:

-IU org.foo.feature.group,org.bar.feature.group,org.baz.feature.group,...

rather than

<iu id="org.foo.feature.group" />
<iu id="org.bar.feature.group" />
<iu id="org.baz.feature.group" />

(Problem is to do a mirroring operation I need to include associate sites or p2 will complain it can't find dependencies; when I include the associate sites but do not list the IUs I want, p2.mirror will mirror the ENTIRE site. So, if I want to merge two update site zips and list galileo site as an assoc site to resolve deps, I end up with a mirror of all three sites, not just the two zips.)

Or, is there a way to pass a collection, list, array, or fileset to <p2.mirror> ?

Apologies if this is a dumb question, but the help.eclipse.org docs fail to mention how to tell the mirrorApplication which IU(s) to mirror.



Pascal Rapicault wrote:

> Does p2 metadata generator work with packed jars (where the unpacked jar
> does not exist) ?
No. Neither the metadata generator nor the publisher supports the generation of metadata from packed jar. This would require the generation process to unpack the jar and process them.

> I've been trying to take an update site (not zipped), mix in (unzip into
> same location) another update site zip's contents (feature jars and
> packed plugin jars), then generate combined metadata for the whole
> aggregate site.
If the original update site (the one for which you have the pack'ed jars) already contains metadata, reuse the initial repository as a starting point to generate the new metadata (see -append flag).

> (The idea is to take the output of multiple builds and merge them into a
> single update site zip.)
The mirroring tool would do that: http://help.eclipse.org/galileo/index.jsp?topic=/org.eclipse.platform.doc.isv/guide/p2_mirror.html

> Generation of metadata works for the features (since they're unpacked
> jars) but I don't get artifact entries for the plugins.
> And because the metadata is incomplete, using p2.director to install
> from the resulting update site FAILS because the features reference
> plugins (which are present but not digested in the artifacts.xml).
> Is this a bug? Should I be using something newer than the metadata
> generator (eg., one of the publishers) ?
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