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[p2-dev] p2 metadata generator does not generate artifact entries for packed jars if unpacked jar not present too

Does p2 metadata generator work with packed jars (where the unpacked jar does not exist) ?

I've been trying to take an update site (not zipped), mix in (unzip into same location) another update site zip's contents (feature jars and packed plugin jars), then generate combined metadata for the whole aggregate site.

(The idea is to take the output of multiple builds and merge them into a single update site zip.)

Generation of metadata works for the features (since they're unpacked jars) but I don't get artifact entries for the plugins.

And because the metadata is incomplete, using p2.director to install from the resulting update site FAILS because the features reference plugins (which are present but not digested in the artifacts.xml).

Is this a bug? Should I be using something newer than the metadata generator (eg., one of the publishers) ?

-- Nick Boldt :: http://nick.divbyzero.com Release Engineer :: Eclipse Modeling & Dash Athena