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Re: [p2-dev] Product will not update itself

Hi Florian,

There are two ways to check for updates on startup:
1) Let the application come up and then check for updates. This is something that you can do today by enabling the appropriate preferences. For example in the SDK see the Install/Update pref page > Automatic updates
2) Check for update while the application is starting. In this mode, the user will have to wait before he can use the application. This is described



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Re: [p2-dev] Product will not update itself

First of all, thank you for your quick reply.

> Because your product probably include features, in order for an update to be possible, you have to create a new version of the product.

Yes we have a feature-based product.
We ship our product to our customer with alot of features. Two weeks later we want to update several features and plugins. We count the relevant version numbers up.
For Feature A, Plugin 1 and for our Product.

We create a new update site.

At the next start of the client, the product and feature A and Plugin 1 updates itself automatically (with p2util).

It this possible? And how?
I didn't find any hint to this at the help or the p2 wiki.

Florian Over

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