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Re: [p2-dev] Product will not update itself

Because your product probably include features, in order for an update to be possible, you have to create a new version of the product.

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[p2-dev] Product will not update itself

we have the following setup:
Standalone RCP-Product with dozen of features and p2-alized :).

At the start of the product we update everything without letting the user deceide anything.
Features and their including plugins, which are not in the delievered product, are updateable.
Also after this initial installation, update is possible.

But, every feature in the initial product, ist not updateable. It downloads the plugin, but does nothing further.
Also the product will never get the new version.

We have a site.xml, where we do "build.all"

Any hints if its possible to update a product?
Do we have to unload all Features in the product first?

Best Regards Florian Over.

ps. Excuse my bad english.
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