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RE: [p2-dev] Repo2Runnable And Nested JARs

Hi Pascal,
You mention that "usually" the unzipped section is derived from the "unpack" flag.  What other scenarios trigger its generation?  In my particular case, I do not have any features involved at this point.  Besides, the bundles that are being inflated do not have their "unpack" flag set in any features anyway, but P2 seems to be able to somehow tell that they contain nested JARs and inflates them.  I cant' seem to figure out how it knows this, however...

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The auto inflation is triggered by the presence of an "unzipped" section in the touchpoint data (for example look at the org.eclipse.pde.build IU in your profile).
It is the same information that causes the bundle to be unzipped at install time.
Usually this "unzipped" section is generated by the publisher / metadata generator and is derived from the "unpack" flag expressed in the feature.xml.

If the runtime shape does not match the build shape you need, then you will have to do some additional massaging like you would have had to do in the past.


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[p2-dev] Repo2Runnable And Nested JARs


It looks like the repo2runnable operation is smart enough to detect when
a bundle contains a nested JAR and will inflate that bundle so PDE build
can handle it.  Can anyone tell me how it determines whether a bundle
contains a nested JAR?  I have a particular bundle that just ships
precompiled libraries that are needed at compile-time as nested JARs and
it doesn't seem to inflate this one for me, causing my build to fail.
I'd like to trigger the "auto-inflation" of this bundle as well.

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