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[p2-dev] Questions about the JarProcessor

We bundle the com.ibm.icu.base plug-in on our headless update site. We pick it from Orbit where it's signed. There is however no pack200 artifact so we try to create the pack.gz when we publish our site. That turns out to be tricky:

The JarProcessor reads the eclipse.inf from the META-INF folder of the jar. That file contains one line:

 #Processed using Jarprocessor

This is not sufficient for the JarProcessor. It adds:

 pack200.conditioned = true

and then it recreates the jar file. Next, it attempts to run pack200 on the file. Not surprisingly, that fails with:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.SecurityException: SHA1 digest error for META-INF/eclipse.inf

This seems like a bug to me. If the jar processor encounters a signed jar file it has two options:

1. Leave the file alone.
2. Remove all signing information from the file when recreating it.

Altering a signed file while retaining the digests can *never* be the right thing to do. If I provide a patch for this, what approach would you consider correct? Should this be controlled by an option? My personal opinion is that no option is needed and that the JarProcessor do #1 in all cases. The pack step in particular needs to retain the signing info.

- thomas