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[p2-dev] p2 is greedy enough to be broken

I am describing the default behavior of 3.5M7. I there another mode?

How dependencies are handled is a little different than what we are use to. For instance with managed only we only have plugins enabled if they are managed by a feature.

With p2 that is not the case. If I have a site
Site A
- Feature A that references plugin A. Both are on this site

Site B
- Feature B that requires plugin A. Only feature B is here.

Then I setup preferences so that both sites are visible or I could merge all of this into one site.

If I install featureB it will pull in pluginA from siteA but it won't pull in featureA.

- This will break our concept of install handlers totally.
- Since the touchpoint data is metadata for the IU it should break that also.

I think the answer is if a plugin needs to be installed we must install the IU that manages it.