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[p2-dev] Director produces unwanted "SDKProfile" profile?

Hi, me again,

I got my other problems figured out (was a signature verification
failure due to me having imported a plugin with sources into my
workspace), now I've upgraded to 3.5M6 and I noticed that running the
director to 'bootstrap' an installation creates a profile 'SDKProfile'
in addition to the one I specified on the commandline (-profile), not
my configuration is generated correctly, so my product is launched
with the correct profile.

Why is the SDKProfile-profile created, does it serve a purpose? (It
wasn't created when performing the same steps in M5) Could it be that
something 'accidentally' got installed into the wrong profile?

What's worse, the SDKProfile contains a 'p2.cache' property pointing
to (absolute path) the eclipse installation that I used do the
bootstrap, which it complains about not being able to find at startup.

Any ideas?