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Re: [p2-dev] Re: [ecf-dev] ECF for Platform 3.4.2

Hi Jeff and Pascal,

Jeff McAffer wrote:
The fix for http://bugs.eclipse.org/_258680_ and http://bugs.eclipse.org/237936 is the one thing that could motivate moving IMHO. In the absence of any other critical issues I'd stay on the older version of ECF that shipped with 3.4.

I think these are worthy of inclusion in ECF 2.0.1/3.4.1, along with this one: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=249990

RE: the issues experienced around gzip support (258680)...I have verified that this problem was with the gzip contribution to the httpclient provider (not the URLConnection-based provider). And I've retested the gzip support in the URLConnection-based provider today with success.


The integration of those fixes caused some churn. Do you think it would cause churn/unstability again given that we know the issues now? Would users be affected in some adverse way? (not pushing for the fix, just curoious)

I don't think inclusion of gzip support is likely to cause any problems.

As for the HTTP client stuff, well, just seeing it mentioned in the context of 3.4.2 made me a little dizzy and I had to lie down for a minute.

Jeez, I didn't think PMC disease was that bad :).

RE: the maintenance build...Pascal (and Kim I guess): Assuming we're going to use something newer than last June, process wise how/when are we going to get the ECF 6 for 3.4.2 into M-build? We have been doing coordination for the I-build via this bug


but if we're going to do it for the M-build then lets create a new bug with appropriate people (myself and Ted Kubaska for ECF).