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Re: [p2-dev] Re: [ecf-dev] ECF for Platform 3.4.2

where did we finish up on this?

Scott Lewis wrote:
Hi Thomas,

Thomas Watson wrote:


What version of ECF are you planning to contribute to the point release of Ganymede? I don't think we should upgrade the ECF bundles included in the SDK to something that will be a higher version than what ECF contributes to the point release of Ganymede. Otherwise wouldn't we risk introducing compatibility issues for the other ECF bundles delivered in Ganymede?

No...as we've been very careful with those bundles (those that we contribute to platform) to only make bug fixes on 2.X line.

I also think moving bundles up by a minor version during a point release will raise red flags for the PMC and will likely make it hard to get approved for this release.

That's a real drag. Unlike the platform, we have point releases more frequently than once a year, and so we do most of our bug fixing on a 2.X and 3.0 branches rather than on a 2.0.X branch. This so that we don't have to maintain 3 (or more) branches (i.e. 2.0.X, 2.1.X, 3.0 [galileo], etc) during the entire year.

I don't think that our minor release should raise a red flag, as 'minor' to us is less major than the platform :)...particularly since we are being extremely careful with the platform plugins in particular...to only do bug fixing in *anything* but major releases.

So...I had intended to contribute ECF 2.1.0 to the 3.4.2 maintenance release. We can/could contribute a build called 2.0.2, but these (platform contributed) plugins will be essentially the same...i.e. there is no real content difference for these plugins...and it will cause us futher releng/deployment effort and churn to do so. Obviously our releng churn isn't your PMC's major concern...but perhaps it could be considered a minor concern? :).

Also...we have to know somewhat in advance when/how this contribution is needed. I assume it's not until after holidays, true?


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