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Re: [p2-dev] FW: P2 Profile Questions

Alessandro Mottadelli wrote:
Pascal Rapicault ha scritto:

>Maybe you could publish a p2 metadata spec ?
The externalized format of an IU (p2 metadata) is left unspecified on purpose. The externalized format is the responsibility of the metadata repository.
So, if I undertand well, this means that p2 metadata is a sort of "private contract" of the metadata repository, and will never have e published format. People will rely on p2 APIs to write/read matadata.
yes. We are allowing people write optimized repos that suit their needs. Someone may choose to implement a repo and publish the format as API but that is not currently our plan.
>Maybe the people could generate the metadata they need by themselves if they feel that the standard tooling is not what they need?
This is what the p2 publisher allows.
Thanks! I was not aware of p2 publisher. I was trying to find my way in p2 using eclipse 3.4.1. Apparently I should retarget my efforts to 3.5.
The Publisher is a rework of the 3.4 MetadataGenerator. The generator in 3.4 may do what you need. I suggest you look and see. Otherwise, in 3.5 the Publisher is getting the attention and the MetadataGenerator is being deprecated.