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Re: [p2-dev] FW: P2 Profile Questions

Pascal Rapicault ha scritto:

The overall idea of creating what you need (metadata and profile) as part of the build is good and I believe this is the path to follow.
What I like about this is that by the same token that the eclipse you download today result from a provisioning operation, you can then see the WAR you ship resulting itself from a provisioning operation and it makes things consistent.
I think that what made this whole experience weird for you is deficiencies in our tooling / metadata generation tooling that is still very driven of complete products in a standard eclipse shape. This is something that is being improved as we speak and we are looking at ways to generate metadata from source information and not require the product or whatever you build to be in its final shape.
We are mostly focused on RCP product builds, so please make sure to follow what is going there to make sure your scenario is addressed if possible.

One last thing, please try to not use the "dropins" folder to provision... this is the worst way. Try invoking the director directly, this will be much cleaner.


Maybe you could publish a p2 metadata spec ? Maybe the people could generate the metadata they need by themselves if they feel that the standard tooling is not what they need?