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[p2-dev] Any suggestions on this p2 provisioning case?

I am trying to figure out how to best use p2 to provision the following:

- An Eclipse IDE.
- Two RCP apps that have about 50% in common with each-other, and uses a handful of bundles also used in the Eclipse IDE.
- A run-time database executable (non Equinox/Eclipse based) that is used by the two RCP apps.

I want the user to be able to install everything in one operation.
I want to have as much as possible shared (I don't mind duplication of meta data, but I want artifacts (at least) to be shared).
I want to cater to my users and have IUs for the configurations:
1) developers = Eclipse + both RCP apps + runtime
2) super users = both RCP apps + runtime
3) users of A = RCP app A
4) users of B = RCP app B

I am prepared to write my own installer based on p2.

Some questions:
- Can I have more than one RCP app installed into a profile?
- Can I have RCP apps in the same profile as Eclipse SDK?
- Can I organize profiles in a hierarchy? (Have seen something about this earlier I think, but not sure it is in use).

High level suggestions on how to best organize profile registries, profiles and install locations for rational handling of the above are much appreciated.

Henrik Lindberg