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[p2-dev] ProvisioningHelper, ProvisioningUtil, etc

Hi Folks,

I've been creating some Equinox+p2-enabled server platforms, and am beginning some work on remote management of these environments.

One thing I've been looking at is the existing 'high-level' uses of p2 APIs...specifically ProvisioningHelper class (which is used by the director app and the p2 console) and ProvisioningUtil (which is used by the ui). Also, I've been looking at the installer's InstallUpdateProductOperation, which performs operations (using the IDirector, IProfileRegistry, etc) that are similar to some of the things done by the ProvisioningHelper and ProvisioningUtil facades....but implemented separately.

So after looking at these...is it reasonable to say that these could/should be consolidated? I know there are some deeper issues raised by this (e.g. consistent/flexible initialization and configuration of multiple osgi services behind these facades, setup (exemplary or otherwise) of the services in various environments, etc). Is there any desire/plan to concentrate on these issues for 3.5?

The reason this matters for me (working on p2-enabled remote management), is that it would be nice to have a consistent local high-level management/provisioning API (perhaps as a single osgi service?) which could then be made available remotely (possibly as remote OSGi services), published for network discovery, etc.

Thoughts welcome.