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Re: [p2-dev] end 2 endl test release

This is great.  An important thing to test.  Would it make sense to use a smaller test data set that we can run as part of the p2 tests?  This makes it easier (and thus more likely) that people will run it.  The full SDK test might be good as part of the SDK packaging effort but it seems we should have a reduced set for p2 itself.

Related, is the test data for this fixed?  We have had trouble in the past where the test data changes as the code evolves.  This has led to both false positives and negatives.  This should evolve as one of the best practices for Equinox testing in general.


Pascal Rapicault wrote:

Just a heads up that I have released as part of the test suite an end 2 end test that takes a little while to run since it provisions a full SDK and uninstall it.
If you are not patient enough, simply edit the AutomatedTest and remove suite.addTest(org.eclipse.equinox.p2.tests.full.AllTests.suite());
Note that it is currently not possible to put this test last because of some interferences happening between the tests.


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