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Re: [p2-dev] EPP and the p2 installer

Markus Knauer wrote:
Hi *,
last week. Now we have deployed the wizard for "Friends of Eclipse" on


Very cool
* We are using the last released version (June) of the p2 installer. - Is there an improved version somewhere available that we should use instead? Are there any plans for future releases etc.? I couldn't find that information.
There are always incremental improvements going on.
* Are there any plans to enhance the installer? E.g. proxy support, a wizard like approach where you have to agree to some licenses etc.? Something that enables us to tweak the layout?
Not really. The point of the installer is to be completely simple. It is expected that you have already gone through any required license notifications and acceptances prior to running it. In the end p2 is a provisioning platform on which people can build provisioning solutions. We are not seeking to provide turnkey solutions. The installer is a useful example.
* In most cases it works perfectly!! But sometimes the p2 installer hangs without telling us (or the logfile) what the reason is. Maybe this has to do with the heavy network load during the last few days, but in any case: Are there any tracing options? Is there a way (without using the debugger) to see what is going on inside the installer?
Hmm, I thought there were some but I can't see them right now. You might also look in ECF since we are using that under the covers to do the actual transfers.