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[p2-dev] publisher

Ben and I have been working on getting the publisher back up to speed on p2 1.0. It is getting close in terms of code and Ben has been doing a mess of tests. I'd like to get this on the plan for integrating as soon as possible. Maintaining the various changes in a branch is a real pain.

The publisher and metadata generator can cohabitate but I would like to move over the update site, reconciler, build and Eclipse touchpoint to use the new approach by M2. To support that, I suggest putting the publisher in right after M1. For the curious, you can get org.eclipse.equinox.p2.publisher from the p2 repo and then load the "publisher_start.psf" project set to get branches for the various changes to other projects. Note that at this very minute there are some issues in the code but those should be cleared up presently.