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[osgi-wg] Possible Face 2 face meetings

Hi everyone,

in the past we regularly had face 2 face meetings. They usually had been hosted by our member companies and everybody was traveling there at their own expense. For anybody who couldn't be present, there was always the possibility to dial in as well.

As and Eclipse Project, something like this does not seem the norm and something like this is usually scheduled around something like the EclipseCon where most people are meeting anyway. I'd suggest however that we keep the tradition of our F2F meetings. We have been most productive when we meet and progress showed around each occasion. They also have been great team building events.

Thus the question is what you think about it? Would your company allow you to travel to such events? I'm aware that COVID makes this harder at the moment. I think we should discuss this despite that to be ready when COVID relaxes some more.

Maybe we can discuss this in today's call.



Jürgen Albert
Chair Eclipse OSGi Working Group Steering Committee

Data In Motion Consulting GmbH

Kahlaische Str. 4
07745 Jena

Mobil:  +49 157-72521634
E-Mail: j.albert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Jena HBR 513025

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