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[osgi-wg] Change in Leadership

Dear OSGi Fellows,

after more then 20 <ears hard work for and dedication towards OSGi and over 40 years in the IT business, Dan Bandera announced that he will move into well earned retirement. Although it was clear that this day would come, we all have been surprised by it actually happening. Dan has always been a rock to rely on and a great leader and mentor. For me personally his open and encouraging manner was a large influence on our decision to join the former OSGi Alliance and now working group. A lot of our members know Dan longer then I have. They have been in the trenches with him and could surely provide other good deeds and stories of him.

For you Dan, I'd like to extend a wholehearted thank you from me personally and from all the members of the working group for all you have done. We wish you luck and happiness in your new life-phase.

With retiring, he automatically vacated his seat as Chair of the Working Groups Steering Committee. I have the honor to follow in his steps and hope that I can fill his shoes without embarrassing myself.

For those who don't know me, I quickly like to introduce myself: I'm CEO of Data In Motion a software development and consulting company based in Jena/Germany. I work with OSGi for a bit over 10 years. I started with it in the form Eclipse RCP, moved to server side OSGi, used PDE and Tycho and moved nowadays to BND. We joined the OSGi Alliance one faithful day at the EclipseCon in 2016. With the move to the Eclipse Foundation, we became Strategic Member and I'm our representative in the Steering and Specification Committee since. I love OSGi and my goal is to see it blossom again.  I believe that it is one of the best tools in the Java world to build good, reliable and lasting Software.

I'm at your service and every one of you can contact me directly at any time.


Jürgen Albert.

Jürgen Albert
Chair Eclipse OSGi Working Group Steering Committee

Data In Motion Consulting GmbH

Kahlaische Str. 4
07745 Jena

Mobil:  +49 157-72521634
E-Mail: j.albert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Jena HBR 513025

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