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Re: [osgi-wg] working group membership and tck questions

On 2020-11-11 8:46 a.m., Daniel Bandera wrote:
The current plan is to make the OSGi WG TCKs available as open source with branding restrictions similar to those for Eclipse Jakarta EE.

To elaborate a little: the default posture of the Eclipse Foundation Specification Process is that all final, released, TCKs are freely available under the Eclipse Foundation TCK License which is a binary license. The source code of the TCKs is under an open source license as selected by the project that develops the TCKs. Under the TCK license, bona fide claims of compatibility can be made by any party that passes all of the compatibility requirements stated by the TCK. The only time any party has to actually sign an agreement with the Eclipse Foundation (on behalf of the OSGi WG) is if they want to use the compatibility logo with their products. Licensing of the logos are a benefit of membership in the working group.

The EFSP can be specialized by the OSGi working group.



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