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Re: [osgi-wg] working group membership and tck questions

> 2) TCK access:

That's a really good question. Restricted TCK access has always been a high barrier for smaller open-source projects to test their projects for conformance!

Am 10.11.20 um 23:56 schrieb Scott Lewis:

Two questions:

1) In the osgi working group proposal, it says this about Committer Members

        Committer members

Committer Members are individuals who through a process of meritocracy defined by the Eclipse Foundation Development Process are able to contribute and commit materials to the Eclipse Foundation projects included in the scope of this working group. Committers may be members by virtue of working for a member organization, or may choose to complete the membership process independently if they are not. For further explanation and details, see the Eclipse Foundation Committer Membership <> page.

For those committers that are not working for a member organization it says they 'may choose to complete the membership process independently'.  The next sentence link implies that the 'membership process' being referred to is the committer membership process.  Does that mean the only requirement for independent committer members to the working group is just regular committer membership? (i.e. signing membership agreement, etc)?   Or is there additional process and agreements for osgi working group membership for independent committers?

2) TCK access:   As I remember, the OSGi Alliance restricted access to the various TCKs by membership level.   How is TCK access going to work wrt the osgi wg?   Specifically...for projects that implement specifications (e.g. Equinox-framework, ECF-remote services admin, others)?



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