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Re: [osbea-wg] OS.bea Newsletter No 2 / September 2018

Hi to all of you,


As several persons answered either via the mailing list or in direct contact, please allow me to answer via this channel as this mail will probably reach all the interested ones.


Some of you suggested to meet during the EclipseCon Europe in October. This is a superb idea and we will arrange this. Give us a couple of days so that we can organize the necessary. Maybe you could send us some topics in which you are interested the next days, so that we can prepare an unformal agenda. From my point of view we shall bring a laptop with some examples of what we have implemented with OSBP’s software factory as well as the software factory itself so that we can discuss with hands on… :))


We will come back to you with all information and details.


Have a nice day and week-end.






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