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[osbea-wg] OS.bea Newsletter No 2 / September 2018

Dear all,


the holiday season is over: gone are empty streets, quiet schools and vacant parking spaces downtown. After the lull of this long summer, I hope you all enjoy the fresher breeze. And as we all go back to work with renewed drive, let me bring you up to date with our OS.bea-related activities.


Over the summer, we have spent a good deal of our time in webinars, presenting OSBP to IT departments as well as to other software companies. All participants found our approach to software engineering appealing. The more intrigued they were, the more we were met with a too-good-to-be-true skepticism and an intensified how-to curiosity, which I think is a healthy mixture at this stage. We are now preparing on-site workshops where we think that inspection and inspiration will go hand-in-hand.


When we look at the software factory today, we feel more than comfortable in our orderly arranged toolbox. To a newbie, however, it probably looks like a giant tool shed, or a labyrinthine warehouse. Sure, they can make their first steps easily. But what we have learned from the webinars is that maybe we could go a step further. Maybe, newbies want a more concrete idea of what the final application could look like and do for them, before they will start and familiarize themselves with the tools. In the spirit of automation, we have put the factory to work: we have swiftly designed an exemplary application that demonstrates OSBP’s capabilities and allows interested parties to explore them on their own. Its name: Foodmart. We will make it available for download soon.


Foodmart gives you the touch and feel that your own applications could have. It demonstrates several variants of the user interface, graphic themes, reports and business intelligence elements, including a balanced scorecard. We have also integrated parts of our own application OS.pos. You can try all of this out from the users’ position, while you muse how you would arrange these elements to suit your own purposes.


But it doesn’t stop there: once you’ve got a taste of the user experience, you can move on to the designer experience. Import Foodmart into your Eclipse IDE and turn into your own OSBP project. As with any OSBP-made software, the underlying model is completely accessible. You can then take a look behind the scenes, discover the layered models and see first-hand how the elements you liked from the users’ point-of-view have been designed in the factory. And start learning how to tailor them to your needs.


Regarding the OSBP Roadmap, we have been bustling all summer, completing once again numerous enhancements. These include improved database support (Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL8), improved data import and export as well as integration of a scheduler. We have further simplified the report DSL by adding more templates, plus the capability to display HTML content. In the near future, we will move from version 1.0.0 to version 1.1.0.


Finally, a little reminder: Eclipse still displays an incorrect number of subscribers to this mailing list. The official number which Eclipse has communicated to us via mail is 42. This might be an augury and the solution of Eclipse’s issues might be close.


Best regards


Christophe Loetz





Yours sincerely

by order Holger Traupe

Communications Manager

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