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[orion-dev] Using Orion Editor in a form


I'm trying to replace codemirror by Orion's Editor. Thereby, I'm
following and I
also found

It is not clear to me, how I can get the text content of the editor.
Could you give me a hint how I can get a reference to the editor
object? The return value of "edit()" seems to return internal objects

Is it possible to pass "id" instead of "className" to edit to generate
the editor only on a specified pre field?

It seems to be impossible to turn a textarea into an editor. This
makes it difficult to use the editor in a form. Therefore, I've asked
how to get the (formatted) content of the editor. $(".XMLtextarea
.textviewContent").text() seems to be a first shot, but it misses the
line breaks. Then, I can fill up my request data by hand.

BTW: In the howto, I suppose "2.0" can be replaced by "4.0"? :)



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