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Re: [orion-dev] Orion Server as a Maven Dependency

Hi John,

Thanks for your answer. 

I'm developing an adapter for Orion and this adapter communicates with orion via it's server and transfer APIs. Internally, I deserialize incoming JSON messages to some java objects which I created by myself.

Instead of using the java self-made classes that I created, I want to use the classes which are actually in Orion. However I just re-checked and could not see any classes which represent responses of Orion server. 

Are there any such classes?

if yes: I want to add orion-server as a dependency to my pom.xml and automatically so that it can be fetched as a jar lib.



On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 4:56 PM, John Arthorne <John_Arthorne@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm not sure I understand the question. Orion server is made up of Eclipse features and bundles that can be consumed using the Maven Tycho plugin. Can you better explain what you are looking for?


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Date:        10/29/2013 04:01 PM
Subject:        [orion-dev] Orion Server as a Maven Dependency
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How can I add orion-server as a dependency to my maven project? 


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