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[orion-dev] jsonlint (Bug 420721)


re., based on, some Qs:

I guess for some internal technical reason it's normal that the initial console.log() doesn't actually show up on the Console on plug-in installation (because it runs from a iframe?), even though the console.log() from inside _computeProblems() does? I found this confusing.

Why don't I see any error markers, despite seeing console.log('jsonlint failed: ' + e); on the console? I must be doing something wrong in the problem object.. but despite having read and tried a few variants, I can't seem to get this to work for the life of me (I don't ever get any red error markers) - help?

If such a contribution would be welcome, I (or someone else..) could make it give better error messages with fine grained location using e.g. (MIT license - OK?).

How would one actually contribute this - pull request on GitHub? Gerrit (I've never used it!) ?

Michael Vorburger

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