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[orion-dev] Automatic Clearing of the Slide Down "Authentication Required" Message?

Currently, on, if a user's authentication token expires, the next operation that requires the user to be authenticated (i.e. save, etc) will result in a slide down message indicating that the user needs to re-authenticate and try the operation again.  After re-authenticating in another window, which is opened by clicking on the link displayed in the message, the previous window gains focus automatically, but the "Authentication Required" message is not removed until it is explicitly closed by the user.

Out of curiosity, have there been any requests to automatically clear the slide down "Authentication Required" message after the user authenticates in another window?  With the current implementation, it could look like the user needs to authenticate again after the previous page gains focus, since it is clear that 'something' has happened, but the message still states that the user needs to log in.


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