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Re: [orion-dev] Uploading a file with Transfer API

Hi John,


Thank you for the explanation.


I try to implement Transfer API on the server side.

Chunked upload makes sense if uploading large files, and you are right – it can be complicated, also on the server side.

For example, the chunks can have an intersection, which can be inconsistent. One should check a lot.


Best Regards,



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Hi Vitaly,

This was a simple documentation bug. You are right that it doesn't make sense to specify the format with each chunk. I double-checked this in the implementation, and we only process the options on the initial POST that starts a chunked upload. I have fixed the documentation.

As an aside, I should mention we don't currently make use of the chunked file upload in the Orion client. This is something I implemented in the server because I believe we will need it for handling large files, but it is much more complicated on the client side to use. Chunking would need to be combined with some kind of progress indication on the client side. I know this is possible because this server API uses the exact same chunked upload approach as the Google Drive API. I'm curious if you are actually making use of this from a client application, or just trying to implement the server API as it is documented?


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Subject:        [orion-dev] Uploading a file with Transfer API
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In the Transfer API / Uploading a file ( there is a following comment: “The X-Xfer-Options header specifies what the server should do with the file when the upload completes”.
This is a bit strange on this place. I would expect such “X-Xfer-Options” to be in “Starting a file upload” and not by uploading a next chunk.
Otherwise it is not clear what to do with a file if “X-Xfer-Options” is “raw” only for some chunks.
Can somebody explain me this case?
Best Regards,
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