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Re: [orion-dev] Eclipse Market & Orion

On holidays but responding.  I don't recall saying that particular statement about banning contributions. I think it would be great to have other contributors to this.  Perhaps when we were talking about the Drupal code I said that it might limit contributors due to the licence? I'm not sure, but sorry I made a statement that sounded that way.

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On 2013-08-21, at 7:41 AM, "Maciej contractor Bendkowski" <maciej.bendkowski@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


In the early stages of developing the Orion Store idea, we had in mind many solutions and we wanted to filter out the quickest one. If the process with the foundation would become to slow (remember we want something working by EclipseCon in October) we wanted to have an alternative. We thought, in worst case, we could contribute the changes from the github repository back to Orion at some point even after EclipseCon - that's why external contributions couldn't be allowed (for a smooth IP clearance process I guess). If you want some details on the manner, Ken Walker can shed some light, since he suggested the contribution ban. Note this idea was suggested even before the node.js framework was mentioned.

Nevertheless, I think a separate repository like would be great. I don't know how much time it takes to process, however it's the goal we wanted anyway. If it finally happens, I'll contribute some initial node.js code (we should have all CQ and other legal sign-offs already since we use this technology on the node.js server side), and anyone should be able to contribute to. Moreover, any external contribution would be most welcome :)

I hope this explains better what is going on.

Best regards,
Maciej Bendkowski

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On Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 9:38 AM, Maciej contractor Bendkowski <maciej.bendkowski@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

A separate repository for the store within Orion would be great. I have no idea how long it would take, but this is definitely something we should go for. As I recall, Ken had some detailed information on the manner and it was his initial idea to ban external contributions up until we pull the code into the Orion source code. Probably I'll be the only contributor until October. Regardless,  I'm in favor of sharing the code as a separate Orion repository. 

I don't get the point why you would want to ban external contributions ?

Setting up another repository within Orion should be just the matter of filing
a bug for webmaster to create it. 

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