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Re: [orion-dev] How to programatically authenticate/login to the Orion server?

Basic Authentication was removed from the build and is now used only in
To authenticate using form authentication you should send

POST: /login/form?login=LOGIN&password=PASS
with additional header Orion-Version: 1

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From:	Timur Sungur <timurhan.s@xxxxxxxxx>
To:	orion-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx,
Date:	2013-08-20 23:37
Subject:	[orion-dev] How to programatically authenticate/login to the
            Orion	server?
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I'm developing a client application which uses Orion services based on
its REST Api however due to authentication problems, I cannot go any

Is the basic HTTP authentication still supported? Whenever I try to
enable it, I receive an exception: Authentication service is missing!,

If not how can authenticate pragmatically, i.e., using HTTP requests
from my client?


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