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Re: [orion-dev] Parentheses and quots auto complete.

This feature was just recently added by Gabriel.  If you are running master or download a recent release (we should have R4.0M1 out soon) it will be in there.


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On 2013-08-18, at 4:43 AM, "Kobrigo, Eyal" <eyal.kobrigo@xxxxxx> wrote:



I was looking to see if there is a way to make the editor complete the matching parentheses while typing.

Specifically for “(“, “{ and “[“. It would also be nice to have this feature (which is common in other editors) for the quotes and double quotes ( and ‘).


Is this feature supported in Orion’s editor?


If not, can it be added to Orion’s editor as a plugin?

The only extension point that that seems relevant is the orion.edito.model that lets you hook into the text-view events. Will it be possible to add this feature from there?


Is there a page that documents all the features of the editor?


Thanks in advance.


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