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[orion-dev] Parentheses and quots auto complete.



I was looking to see if there is a way to make the editor complete the matching parentheses while typing.

Specifically for “(“, “{“ and “[“. It would also be nice to have this feature (which is common in other editors) for the quotes and double quotes (“ and ‘).


Is this feature supported in Orion’s editor?


If not, can it be added to Orion’s editor as a plugin?

The only extension point that that seems relevant is the orion.edito.model that lets you hook into the text-view events. Will it be possible to add this feature from there?


Is there a page that documents all the features of the editor?


Thanks in advance.


Eyal Kobrigo,   Eyal.Kobrigo@xxxxxx

Application Specialist Dev Engineer.ALM R&D Dev2Cloud. 

Mobile: +972-50-7893277 Ÿ Office: +972-3-5399785

5 Altalef Street, POB 170, Yehud 56100 ISRAEL



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