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[orion-dev] Introduction and question getting the source bundles for orion server dependencies

Hi Team,

I would like to introduce myself as a new participant on the Orion Project. I have joined the team of Orion developers here in Kanata, Ontario, Canada. Some of you may recognize me from my Eclipse background on various modeling projects like GMF and GEF, but most of my time the last few years have been spent on various products at IBM Rational Software.

I have a question about setting up a development environment for debugging the Orion server. I was able to follow and get a local self host with the client and server code running on my Linux machine, but I am having a problem getting the source bundles for the dependencies (the jetty source, javax.* source, org.apache.* source, etc, etc.). Is there an easy way to get the source bundles for all the dependencies?


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