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Re: [orion-dev] Default workspace layout

Hi Nedelcho,

It is not currently possible to do this. The current metadata storage uses OSGi preference API and doesn't offer this level of customization of storage layout. As part of our server scalability work I am currently designing and implementing a new metadata storage API. This will enable metadata storage to be completely pluggable on the Orion server, such as allowing database storage or arbitrary file system storage formats. For default implementation of that new storage API I am looking at a file system layout that is segmented by user, which looks close to your picture below. For more details see this bug:


From:        "Delchev, Nedelcho" <nedelcho.delchev@xxxxxxx>
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Date:        04/25/2013 05:33 AM
Subject:        [orion-dev] Default workspace layout
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Hi Orion Developers,
Is it possible to tweak the default mapping generation (Projects, Users, Workspaces) to follow the file structure like:
/workspace1 (metadata)
/project1 (metadata)
/project2 (metadata)
/workspace2 (metadata)
/project1 (metadata)
/project2 (metadata)
/workspace1 (metadata)
/project1 (metadata)
/project2 (metadata)
The guid-like generation then will be as a feature, which can be switched on/off. This will give great flexibility for those who wants to integrate with Orion at lowest level (file system) reliably. Also the remapping at every request as well as the mapping management (bottleneck) itself can be disabled, if it is not needed.
What do you think?
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