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Re: [orion-dev] Contribution towards Orion and guidance for Gsoc

We are attempting at a complete cloud solution, so that means nothing running on the users local machine (localhost).  It can me hosts other than the Orion server but they must be able to do work on behalf of the user on their files hosted on the Orion server or elsewhere that is accessible by the Orion web client.

Option 2 does have issues but that is what we are trying to address with this GSoC idea.

Ken Walker
Co-Lead Eclipse Orion Project | Tools for the Web, On the Web |
@kwalker | @orionhub

Inactive hide details for nalin chhibber ---2013/04/23 09:36:54 PM---Hello Ken, Thanks for the reply.nalin chhibber ---2013/04/23 09:36:54 PM---Hello Ken, Thanks for the reply.


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2013/04/23 09:36 PM


Re: [orion-dev] Contribution towards Orion and guidance for Gsoc

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Hello Ken,

Thanks for the reply.
So if I summarize, Here's what can be done(on compiling the 'serverside languages' in orion):

Option 1:  we can follow a distributed approach where compilation server can be kept at one's own machine(localhost)
Option 2: or we can use cloud compilation as a whole(have read some articles and a research paper from Ieee Xplore on it),

Second option might suffer issues like
a)scalability    b)efficiency    c)a threat from some malicious user who could try to take down the compilation server.
It must also manage the appropriate resources to be used.

First option seems legit and can be implemented in two other ways.We can
1.a) either make compilation done at orion server itself.
1.b) or we can make use of another instance of service running at localhost.

I suppose (1.a) method would be more efficient for development and further scalability for compiling different languages including php/ruby(in remote future). I am not much aware of the initial framework which is already in development(Rafael Chaves's model) but it gives the impression that its 'tycho based' which is not the case with previous versions of orion(>3M). So development in this direction may create issues like backward portability etc.But integrating within the existing orion server would enable us to run servlets/'jsp's'  and other pages run on the same server where HTML pages are running in current version,that will be easier to achieve.

This aspect of orion makes it compete with other products like , ,cloud9 ide but orion is much more than that being focusing on both (server/client) sides(plus the plug-ins support) .

We can also provide an option to create a  'workspace' before creating web-project. This will be helpful for  deploying the 'already compiled' files on server.

It'll be great if I can get some resources/references to start with or the overview of model being developed . I want to contribute with the goal of seeing my little efforts being reflected in the original product. I myself arnt fully aware of the time it could take , so framing  a timeline might be challenging which brings an option to work on it separately from GSOC. Anyhow, I am willing to contribute and have started work on plug-ins portal keeping in mind the issues you mentioned in one of the mail listing.

I am also working on the proposal for both the ideas separately and would be highly obliged if you(or Rafael) can assist to frame a practical timeline for the 'server-side-compilation' idea.

Please correct me (on suggested option(s) and their solutions) if I mis-interpreted any requirement or going in wrong direction.

Nalin Chhibber(codeinjector)
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