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Re: [orion-dev] NPM support from within Orion node

Are all these configuration steps documented somewhere other than these emails? When I go to try this in a week or two I'm sure I'll have forgotten where to find the info (and it will have probably changed by then). Should this be a section in the Orion server admin guide, or maybe we need to split into two server guides for Java vs node servers?


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Date:        01/09/2013 05:32 PM
Subject:        [orion-dev] NPM support from within Orion node
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I've pushed the code to support NPM from within the Orion node shell page.
Please follow steps 1 and 2 that Mark mentioned in the previous email. If you've already done step 3 before, you do not have to do it this time.

There are two more things to mention here in order to get NPM working. You only have to do it once.

1. There is a new file called server.conf file in the same folder where server.js lives, with the default contents as below. You may not have to change it but it worths double check.

is the npm location that  Orion node uses to  support  NPM. If you installed a recent version of  nodejs the NPM should be installed automatically. The default value of npm_path should work in most of the cases.
If the npm_path does not match your npm location you can change it. The value can be either the relative path against your node executable  or absolute path.

is the replacement of the previous -pwd option. The previous -pwd option is gone. The server is reading password from the server.conf file now. If you  want your server to auth a password, you can add a passowrd here.

2.After you start node server as Mark mentioned in step 5 in his previous email, you can go to shell page and type npm. You can use all the npm arguments as if you are using it in a normal way.
Hint: In shell page, use pwd command to see where you are, "npm install" without the -g option always installs stuff   under your pwd folder.


Inactive hide details for Mark Macdonald ---01/03/2013 04:33:35 PM---Hi everyone, Prior to the holidays, we moved the Orionode Mark Macdonald ---01/03/2013 04:33:35 PM---Hi everyone, Prior to the holidays, we moved the Orionode project from GitHub into

Mark Macdonald <mamacdon@xxxxxxxxx>
Orion developer discussions <orion-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
01/03/2013 04:33 PM
[orion-dev] Orionode: dependencies are now installed automatically with npm
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Hi everyone,

Prior to the holidays, we moved the Orionode project from GitHub into Orion's client git repo [1]. Due to some packaging issues with the fairly old version of Dojo required by Orion, some of Orionode's dependencies could not be installed through npm, so a manual copying step was required.

Dependency installation is now automatic. To install Orionode's dependencies, run the following steps on your copy of the orion client repo:

1. Pull the latest code from master.
Open a command shell in the org.eclipse.orion.client/modules/orionode directory.
Run the command: npm install
This will fetch and install the required dependencies. It will take a few minutes, but should only happen once.
Launch the Orionode server as usual (eg. node server.js).

If you previously did a manual copy of the Dojo code into a folder like org.eclipse.orion.client/modules/orionode/libs/dojo , you can now remove that folder.

Please keep in mind that this reliance on Dojo is temporary, and will go away once the library independence [2] work is finished.

On a side note, the most recent version of Orionode (0.0.7) available on the npm package registry is quite out of date. I've deprecated it with a message to that effect. We will publish version 0.0.8 as soon as possible, and I'll post a note on this list when it's ready.

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