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[orion-dev] Orionode: dependencies are now installed automatically with npm

Hi everyone,

Prior to the holidays, we moved the Orionode project from GitHub into Orion's client git repo [1]. Due to some packaging issues with the fairly old version of Dojo required by Orion, some of Orionode's dependencies could not be installed through npm, so a manual copying step was required.

Dependency installation is now automatic. To install Orionode's dependencies, run the following steps on your copy of the orion client repo:
  1. Pull the latest code from master.
  2. Open a command shell in the org.eclipse.orion.client/modules/orionode directory.
  3. Run the command: npm install
  4. This will fetch and install the required dependencies. It will take a few minutes, but should only happen once.
  5. Launch the Orionode server as usual (eg. node server.js).
If you previously did a manual copy of the Dojo code into a folder like org.eclipse.orion.client/modules/orionode/libs/dojo , you can now remove that folder.

Please keep in mind that this reliance on Dojo is temporary, and will go away once the library independence [2] work is finished.

On a side note, the most recent version of Orionode (0.0.7) available on the npm package registry is quite out of date. I've deprecated it with a message to that effect. We will publish version 0.0.8 as soon as possible, and I'll post a note on this list when it's ready.

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