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Re: [orion-dev] AMD + UI = Wrong Combination

Hi Lamine,

To be clear I don't think the Orion team thinks JavaEE has nothing to offer. Our primary server technology right now is a Java EE server, and we are using OSGi modules to define reusable component pieces for both the client and server. We will continue to make sure Orion is consumable by Java EE servers. You are clearly consuming Orion components using Java EE technology as well, and that is great.

However there is a large web community that cares nothing about Java EE, and we want to enable those people to consume Orion as well. For example there are large communities of people building web apps using Rails, PHP, Python, ASP, etc, all of whom might want to consume Orion pieces. Therefore we are committed to avoiding tying Orion client technology to any particular server technology, be it Java, node.js, or anything else for that matter. Doing both Java and node.js server implementations helps to make sure we avoid those hard dependencies in our client side code. However given that we want some form of modularity in our client code, AMD is the only server-neutral _javascript_ modularity story with any wide level of acceptance right now. Build-time techniques could perhaps be used to translate those AMD modules into some other form suitable for other kinds of web application deployments.


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For me, your only mistake is within the wrong argument that JavaEE has nothing to offer to you and that the story of Eclipse in the Cloud cannot be written within it. We are definitely the only community from which you can expect a help and a lot of adoption, of course if you can target us from what we know the most (abstractions). You should also know that we are very reluctant to use _javascript_. If we don't even care about Project Nashorn, how could we ever do it for Node.js?


I have learned what an AMD module does mean only when I had the requirement to integrate your editor into my application. And it was really a big pain and the answer of how to do it, did come to me only after having downloaded the Scripted project. But now, for any JavaEE developer, this pain is over since with just one tag in their web pages,

<c:fileEditor folder="myFolder"/>

they will be able to use the Orion editor, these lovely wysiwyg editors below


and even my new css3 gallery to view their images without a knowledge of how things are working and without even writing a single line of html, css, _javascript_.


A key player in this area is the one who knows how to best embrace the existing communities by bringing innovation without really innovating. And the concept of a "_javascript_ Library independence" could be also a big mistake for you. At the very beginning of my vision, I have chosen to put JQuery at the heart of my strategy since its ecosystem of plugins and users is more larger than the universe itself..

Best Regards
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