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[orion-dev] heads up: dojo-free editor page

Hi, everyone.
I just pushed a pretty large commit for a dojo-free editor page.  [1]
This change affected about 60 core modules.
I've run the affected unit tests locally and they pass, and I've been running in this branch for awhile.  I was able to edit the last part of the changes, compare them, push, etc. from the branch, so the pages have definitely been sanity checked.

That said, there were many core modules that changed, and I don't have confidence that my manual tests represent full coverage.   I've seen two basic kinds of problems crop up while working on this:

1) many modules had undeclared dependencies and were getting away with it because some other dependency brought in the same dependency.  Now that many of the modules are pulling in less code, these undeclared dependencies will cause failures.   Some symptoms are obvious (you'll see a module load failure in the console.)  But for some kinds of problems, things will just stop working.   For example, pages hooking the dojo hash change events that didn't require the hash module stopped getting those events.

2) I don't have confidence that all of the API of the common modules was exercised by my use of the editor and other pages.  So it's possible that there is a typo/other kind of failure in the common modules that I did not catch.

So, please be on the lookout for problems when running from HEAD.  The build will probably be deployed Monday.
Next week I hope to have navigator and most core dialogs converted.  Having done that, I'll start opening bugs for the remaining work and assign to the page owner.



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