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[orion-dev] new menu implementation released - client now requires IE10

Hi, all.
I've released the first set of changes on our path to library independence [1].  They should appear in the next build.
The changes include a new implementation for dropdown menus that replaces our use of dijit.Menu and other steps to use less dojo.* utility methods.

If you were planning to implement anything that uses dijit.form.Dropdown or dijit.Menu, please instead use our new dropdown support.  I don't have a lot of formal doc yet, but there are plenty of examples to follow in the code, including the command service (see commands.js  _createDropdownMenu).

The splitter and dropdown are now "dojo free" and in doing so we use some HTML5 functions that are only available in IE10.  If you are using IE9 on Win7, please upgrade your browser to the IE10 preview. [2].  Note that you'll need Windows 7 SP1 to run IE10.  



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