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Re: [orion-dev] TextView - Changing and updating Options at runtime

> Hi,
> My name is Mamadou Lamine Ba. I'm presently moving my IDE in the
> cloud and I have successfully integrated the Eclipse Orion editor into
> my application. And since I have the concept of a virtual editor
> which can integrate any _javascript_ source code or WYSIWYG editors, I have
> also integrated ACE, CodeMirror and EditArea. And as my first
> feedback, your editor is by far the most amazing even without
> theming and the support for the other languages.

Really good to know. Thanks for your feedback.

> One of my questions is : why the TextView does not update itself
> when I change its configuration  at runtime via the setOptions method.

> tab.setConfig=function(key,value){
> editor.getTextView().setOptions({key:value});
> };

This should work properly. It seems the bug is in the tab.setConfig() function because If I put a breakpoint in TextView.setOptions(), it gets called with an object like this:

        key: true

It should be something like:

        readonly: true

Does this work better?

  var options = {};
  options[key] = value;


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