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[orion-dev] TextView - Changing and updating Options at runtime


My name is Mamadou Lamine Ba. I'm presently moving my IDE in the cloud and I have successfully integrated the Eclipse Orion editor into
my application. And since I have the concept of a virtual editor which can integrate any _javascript_ source code or WYSIWYG editors, I have
also integrated ACE, CodeMirror and EditArea. And as my first feedback, your editor is by far the most amazing even without theming and the support for the other languages. 

One of my questions is : why the TextView does not update itself when I change its configuration  at runtime via the setOptions method.


Follow the link below to see it in action, Open a file and click on the Config button to display the settings of your editor 


Change the readonly attribute and see what is happening. Closing the file to reopen it or clicking on the refresh button will make things work but that's not really what we want.  also readonly = true does not mean the editor is on a readonly state since if we press the enter key, we can insert a new line...

Best Regards
Mamadou Lamine Ba 

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