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Re: [orion-dev] Navigator Navigator Navigator

On 8/23/11 6:08 PM, John J Barton wrote:
I've been working with two screens, each with one browser window. The left
window has Navigator and file editor tabs; the right window has application
and git-status tabs.

Generally this works well, but on the left window its not possible to
distinguish between different Navigator tabs. If those documents had titles
    /<directory-name>  Navigator
then when the tabs elide the RHS, at least some identification would be
available, eg
/purple Na | purple.h | purple.j | /traceur Na | ParseTreeVa |

If I'm feeling tidy I can arrange the tabs so the Navigator for a directory
is to the left of a set of tabs for files in that directory, but sometimes
I'm not....

Ick. I don't want to have to "feel tidy" personally, the tools should be tidy themselves.

Can't quite tell if you're merely suggesting better titles on the page, or you want some "tidyness management".

For "better titles", howzabout using some "interesting" unicode characters to indicate the type - at least to replace "Navigator"
- ⊙ - unicode-2299
- ☀ - unicode-2638

Wondering, for "tidyness management", whether we can use browser-specific extensions to do this. Don't the extension frameworks all have tab management capabilities?

Personally, I don't want to have to manage ANY browser tabs - I want everything in one tab. But that's me.

Patrick Mueller -

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