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Re: [orbit-dev] Late 2021-03 M2 Build / Consuming I-builds

Hi, it looks like there is an S build meanwhile.
Will it be promoted as M2 Later today?


Am 27.01.21 um 18:44 schrieb Roland Grunberg:
> Hey all,
> Unfortunately I don't think I'll have time to put together an M2 (S-
> build) so platform has continued using M1. Every change is also
> consumable through the latest I-builds so that is also possible. I'm
> still around to keep our builds in good working order, particularly
> leading up to the final release.
> There also haven't been many changes in Orbit for M2 but if any
> committer is interested, I have instructions at the following link on
> how promote an S-build for M2 :
> If anyone is interested but needs some extra hints/information, feel
> free to contact me.
> Cheers,

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