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Re: [orbit-dev] Add as Committer

On Thu, 2021-01-07 at 18:22 -0500, Nitin Dahyabhai wrote:
> Hi all,
> This feels like an odd process, but after having
> approved for
> inclusion in M1, Jonah suggested I join Orbit as a Committer (perhaps
> more accurately, be added to its roster). As the Web Tools Platform
> has an interest in keeping those up to date, and Jakarta plans to
> have a EE Platform release every year, it would certainly make things
> a little easier in the future. And as keen as I am
> on Aurelien's efforts with Xerces, there are more Apache libraries
> that I'm also interested in updating.

Hi Nitin,

I think having more people on hand to manage the updates is great and
definitely needed. I only have one question generally regarding the
libraries that are already hosted under the Eclipse Foundation (eg.

Is there any effort being done first to try and generate p2
repositories as part of their release process ? We had the exact same
discussion with Jersey in and I don't
think anything really came of it.

I'm definitely seeing a push to have Orbit do less packaging through
work in Tycho (OSGi-ifying artifacts) and upstreaming OSGi metadata
rather than have Orbit manage it.

Roland Grunberg

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