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Re: [orbit-dev] ClearlyDefined Now Supported

On Wed, 2020-08-19 at 17:12 -0400, Wayne Beaton wrote:
> I believe that this could work.
> For anybody else who might be listening... transitive dependencies
> are generally considered to be prerequisite dependencies and so must
> be taken through the due diligence process as described in the
> handbook. That we are (likely) able to exclude them in this case is a
> specific quirk of the Eclipse Orbit project's nature.

For anyone else following this, we're down to 11 artifacts currently
rejected. For each one, I've either been able to find a CQ and not
exactly sure why the script didn't (though I suspect the naming of the
artifact may have something to do with it), or the artifact is now a
project at Eclipse (eg. ee4j) which isn't generating its own p2 repos,
so Orbit is currently doing it.

=== ===
Also, technically :
(2.30.0 may cover a service release I believe)

maven/mavencentral/org.glassfish.jersey.core/jersey-client/2.30.1, unknown, restricted, none

maven/mavencentral/org.glassfish.jersey.core/jersey-common/2.30.1, unknown, restricted, none

maven/mavencentral/, unknown, restricted, none

maven/mavencentral/org.glassfish.jersey.containers/jersey-container-servlet/2.30.1, unknown, restricted, none

=== ===

maven/mavencentral/org.glassfish.hk2/hk2-utils/2.6.1, unknown, restricted, none
maven/mavencentral/org.glassfish.hk2/hk2-api/2.6.1, unknown, restricted, none
maven/mavencentral/org.glassfish.hk2/hk2-locator/2.6.1, unknown, restricted, none

maven/mavencentral/org.glassfish.hk2/osgi-resource-locator/2.5.0-b03, unknown, restricted, none

maven/mavencentral/org.glassfish.hk2.external/asm-all-repackaged/2.5.0-b03, unknown, restricted, none

maven/mavencentral/, unknown, restricted, none

maven/mavencentral/com.sun.activation/jakarta.activation/2.0.0-RC3, unknown, restricted, none

Roland Grunberg

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